How often do I need to update my availability?

Every time it changes! Please remember to update your availability when you become unavailable at any given time.


How do I enter my availability?

Log into your account

  1. Click My Availability in the left hand navigation bar.
  2. Select a date.
  3. Choose Available or Unavailable.
  4. Choose which group you are available for.
  5. Enter a note if you wish to add a comment to your availability (e.g., "coaching a game immediately prior").
  6. Click Save (Add Entry).
  7. Your new entry will appear as text below, and graphically in the upper left corner of the availability page

Where can I print off my schedule?

You can print off your assigned games, as well as other reports in the Reports section of GameOfficials, accessed via the left-hand navigation of the site. Make sure you read through the settings in order to print in the correct format.

Can I accept games via email?

If you receive a "New Game" email notice for a game, you can accept or decline the game by replying to the email message. This will allow you to accept or decline games when you do not have time or are not able to log into

To accept or decline by email, reply to the message and type "accept" or "decline" at the top of the body of the email (above the text of the original email). "Accept" or "Decline" is not case-sensitive so you can enter any combination of upper and lower case letters.

In order to process correctly, the original body of the email message must be included in the message. If your email client adds characters in front of each line when replying (such as ">" or "-"), it is not necessary to remove them as they will not cause any problems.

If your email client does not include the text of original emails when replying, you will need to copy and paste the body of this email into your reply and make sure you type "accept" or "decline" at the top of the body of the email (above the text of the original email).

After you reply to the message, you should receive a confirmation if your request is processed correctly (usually within 15 minutes).

If you reply and do not receive confirmation within 15-30 minutes, contact your assignor for more information.

Do not change any of the text of the original message & do not enter messages or notes in the reply. Only type "accept" or "decline" at the top of the email


How do I get notified I have new game assignments?

First, make sure your contact information is correct in For referees under 18 years old, the default settings for Contact info is Private. The assignors will be able to see your info always, but if you want your email or cell # public, (or maybe your parents') so a fellow official can contact you before a game to let them know they're running late, etc. Be sure to get permission from you parents if you are younger than 18 years old. You don't have to make any contact info public no matter how old you are.

When the assignor publishes assignments, the system sends notifications out to all officials with assignments (games). You can either set the system up to send you an email per batch of assignments or one per game. If you set it up to receive an email per game assigned.

The referee assignor will also send out reminders before the event if you have not accepted your games.  If you have accepted your games, you will get a reminder from the system that you have a game assigned to you.


How do I enter in conflicts I have as a referee?

You can block working for certain teams if you have a conflict or possible conflict of interest (brother, sister, child or you play on the team!).

  • Click add new game conflict
  • Select the appropriate league and team (use ctrl+f to find your team)
  • If you want to be listed as unavailable for this game (because you want to play in it watch it or you have to coach it) select the block availability box. This will automatically set you to unavailable any time the team is listed to play. 

You can also select to block all of a certain age or level. Use this feature to block you from availability from a certain age group you don't want to officiate.


How do I register to officiate games in Cleburne?

This is for referees that have never officiated games in Cleburne before.

Log into your account then click "my assignor" and then select "Join New Group". From there enter the group number "1316" and access code "CSAR" in the boxes provided. When you are done, click the "Join Group" button and you will be instantly added to the new group (Cleburne Soccer Association). 

A new Group should be displayed on the My Assignors page (and under the Change Identity menu item). To switch to the new group, simply click the "Switch" link next to the group you want to switch to. You can switch back and forth between groups at any time.

If you do not know your login information, contact Nathan Harris at  Be sure to include your full name, email, phone, and level of certification (Grade 8, Grade 9, etc..)