What happens to rained out games?

The ONLY OFFICIAL source of information concerning the soccer field status at the Cleburne Sports Complex is www.cleburnesoccer.com

We try to post to Facebook / Twitter and send out text messages to those of you subscribed to rainedout.com but that may not always happen. We will hardly ever send out emails to everyone unless it is some weird circumstance such as flooding shuts down the complex for two weeks.

The City of Cleburne and CSA work together to try to determine if the fields are playable. Ultimately, the City has the final say. If fields could be damaged or players hurt, we will close the complex. No amount of moaning, complaining, or wishing will change that. We have to protect our fields and players.

Decisions to close the fields are made as soon as possible. If we get 3-4 inches of rain on Friday, we may be able to call it a day early. If we are waiting to see what happens, we will wait until around 7:00 am Saturday to walk the fields and see if they are playable. In any case, no one is "waiting" to share the field status with you. The website is updated before we even leave the complex.

Some cities and associations have fields that can take a lot more water and/or abuse than the nice grass we have at CSC. This means that some associations may be open while others are not. Check www.metroplexsoccer.org to see other associations' field status.

In addition, Texas is a pretty big state. It may be raining hard in Mineral Wells but dry as a bone in Cleburne. Don't drive all the way to Mineral Wells to find out their fields are closed - look at the website first.

Games that have been rained out are automatically rescheduled over the a 72 hour period. It takes a lot of time and people to reschedule hundreds of games in multiple cities, so be patient but check the website several times. The closer we get to the end of the season, reschedules may be very quick or not at all.

We have heard in the past from individuals that teams did not get their full 10 games (as promised) and they want their money back. We (or our leagues) do not promise any amount of games. Depending on the division size, we try to give between 8 and 10 games each season. If that can't happen, there isn't much anyone can do about it. The seasons have set dates that they have to played in.

Check the website before you leave for your game. Not just this weekend, but every time you have a game.