How do I get notified I have new game assignments?

First, make sure your contact information is correct in For referees under 18 years old, the default settings for Contact info is Private. The assignors will be able to see your info always, but if you want your email or cell # public, (or maybe your parents') so a fellow official can contact you before a game to let them know they're running late, etc. Be sure to get permission from you parents if you are younger than 18 years old. You don't have to make any contact info public no matter how old you are.

When the assignor publishes assignments, the system sends notifications out to all officials with assignments (games). You can either set the system up to send you an email per batch of assignments or one per game. If you set it up to receive an email per game assigned.

The referee assignor will also send out reminders before the event if you have not accepted your games.  If you have accepted your games, you will get a reminder from the system that you have a game assigned to you.