Can I accept games via email?

If you receive a "New Game" email notice for a game, you can accept or decline the game by replying to the email message. This will allow you to accept or decline games when you do not have time or are not able to log into

To accept or decline by email, reply to the message and type "accept" or "decline" at the top of the body of the email (above the text of the original email). "Accept" or "Decline" is not case-sensitive so you can enter any combination of upper and lower case letters.

In order to process correctly, the original body of the email message must be included in the message. If your email client adds characters in front of each line when replying (such as ">" or "-"), it is not necessary to remove them as they will not cause any problems.

If your email client does not include the text of original emails when replying, you will need to copy and paste the body of this email into your reply and make sure you type "accept" or "decline" at the top of the body of the email (above the text of the original email).

After you reply to the message, you should receive a confirmation if your request is processed correctly (usually within 15 minutes).

If you reply and do not receive confirmation within 15-30 minutes, contact your assignor for more information.

Do not change any of the text of the original message & do not enter messages or notes in the reply. Only type "accept" or "decline" at the top of the email