2021-03-01 Announcements

Soccer Starts Info

First session on 3/13/2021

Hello Soccer Starts program folks, please read below for information regarding the upcoming soccer starts season. Our first session will be on 3/13/2021 and we will update everyone on the ending to the season as it draws nearer and we move past spring break etc.



Soccer Starts is a learning experience where the kids will learn the concept of dribbling the ball, following directions, and having fun! We will not be playing against any other teams, but more so working on developing skills. 



We love for you all to come and support the little ones during Soccer Starts, however, while in session, please do your best to remain in the designated parents’ area. We know it might be hard for the little ones to see new faces and learn new things while maintaining focus, if they are having trouble focusing, we may ask them to take a small timeout, so they don't distract the others around them. We will continually encourage them to participate with us throughout the session. I will have several certified officials who will be helping me during this time. We are all out there to learn new things and have fun!!


Items to bring

Water, size 3 soccer ball (not necessary but if they have a favorite, they can bring it), cleats, shorts (dress appropriate depending on the weather) Each player will receive a soccer shirt on the first day. I would like them to wear it each time we meet. 



Please keep an eye on your emails, and the Cleburne Soccer website for weather updates that could possibly suspend, or cancel, our sessions.

We look forward to seeing everyone out there!!!