2014-07-28 Announcements

Fall 2014 Parent Letter


The information below is from a letter that we hand out at registration and/or is emailed to parents after online registration.  We want everyone to please read the information below as it will help you understand what is going on in the Fall 2014 Season.

The coaches will have a meeting on Saturday, August 4, 2014 where they will be handed their rosters for the season. They can start practice on the following Monday, but most will not start until a week or so after that. Give them at least a week after the meeting to reach out to you before you contact your commissioner.

Please note that we do not have any details about your teams' practices. Each individual coach sets the times and locations for practices. After the coaches receive their teams at the Coaches Meeting, they can begin practices.

Games will start on Saturday, September 6, 2014 for all recreational teams. Schedules will be posted on www.cleburnesoccer.com 1-2 weeks before the season begins. Some league schedules will be posted before others. Games may be played on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday nights in addition to regular weekend games.

To communicate with CSA, it is important that you contact your coach first, and then your commissioner listed on cleburnesoccer.com. If you need further help, contact moc.reccosenrubelc@asc. Email is the preferred communication method in all cases. We like to have things in writing so we can properly address the issue. Please include your child's date of birth, gender, and team information when communicating with CSA so we may better serve you.

Updates are sent out periodically via email. We also post updates on Facebook – www.facebook.com/cleburnesoccer. We urge you to Like us on Facebook so you will get these updates.

Awards are given out to all U4-U8 players at the end of the season at an awards ceremony. U9 and above trophies are ordered after the season ends and when we can determine 1st – 2nd place in each age group, division, and league.

Uniforms are ordered every Fall season for players. We will only order uniforms in the Spring for new players and players that have moved to a different team and a fee will be charged for the new uniform. If you need to purchase a replacement uniform for $25.00, please contact the uniform coordinator listed on the website.

Be a Spectator
IMPORTANT – PLEASE READ - Cleburne Soccer has a good record of respectable parents and we thank you for that. From time to time, we have a slip up and will have to caution parents on their behavior at games. Remember – it is NEVER acceptable to challenge a referee. You and your coach can be removed from the game for bad behavior.

BE A SPECTATOR - We welcome all positive cheering for the players. Let the kids play the game. Soccer is a unique team sport in that the players make all the decisions on the field – not the coaches or parents. Yelling out instructions or comments on the way they play does nothing but distract them from the game. All coaching should be done during the week by the coaches and not during the game.

If you try to make decisions for the players during the game, they will never learn to make decisions for themselves. Often times, players don't want to participate anymore because of too much pressure and the fun is no longer there. The philosophy is the same whether it is recreational, competitive, high school, college, or professional soccer... LET THEM PLAY! Use words like "good job" or "good try" instead of "aww, c'mon" and other negative comments about how the player plays.

ALL SPECTATORS MUST SIT IN THE DESIGNATED AREA FOR SPECTATORS. Only players and coaches on the roster are allowed to sit in the player area. This applies to all age groups.

Questions or Comments?
If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, please contact us. We are committed to improving the game of soccer in our area and developing the best players we can. There are many moving parts to running this organization and we would rather educate you on why decisions are made. The organization is run by volunteers and we welcome anyone to step up and help out.


CSA Board of Directors