2013-08-19 Announcements

All Referee Training

CSA is holding an All Referee meeting, short training class, uniform inspection, and fun "All Referee" soccer game that will be officiated by some select coaches, and a social lunch on the August 24th "Open Complex". This will give us the opportunity to meet one another, brush up on some requirements, learn about the new way of getting and accepting assignments on GameOfficials.net, and have lots of fun playing soccer with each other!

We will be meeting at the Cleburne Sports Complex at 9 am on August 24th. Our meeting and training will last for a little over an hour. We will proceed directly into the uniform inspections (which are more of a consultation than a military inspection, so don't be afraid – just bring everything that you currently have). Then, we will play our soccer match. It will be a friendly pick up soccer and it will be officiated by coaches that are not qualified to give them the opportunity to see things from our perspective.

After the game, we will have a social lunch to enjoy each other's company. CSA will be providing the food and beverages to you at no charge. We will also be having door prizes for fun referee items like new whistles, yellow/red cards, gift cards to soccer.com and officialsports.com, etc. The prizes will be at different times throughout the day, and you must be present to win!

After our lunch, the CSA recreational teams will start arriving to have their Open Complex pickup games. You are encouraged to introduce yourselves to the coaches and players and make yourselves available to officiate some of the matches. This will help the kids and the new coaches immensely to form trust in you and to get used to the laws of the game and the local modified rules. It will also help you to be able to get back into the groove of officiating without the pressures of an official match right off the bat.

Opening Day is September 7th so make sure you get signed up to officiate games for the 2013-2014 Season - http://www.cleburnesoccer.com/formadmin/view.php?id=15

Contact Erica Haferkamp at erica@cleburnesoccer.com