2014-07-01 Announcements

Concession Manager Job Announcement

Cleburne Soccer Association is looking for a qualified individual to run the concession stand for during the soccer seasons and for tournaments.  This is a paid position that starts out at $10.00 an hour or more depending on experience.

JOB SUMMARY: Responsible for the daily duties of the concession stand including but not limited to: food prep, customer service, cash handling, inventory control, merchandise and supply restocking and facility upkeep.

QUALIFICATIONS: responsible, courteous, good communication skills, accurate cash handling skills, good work ethic and ability to work without close supervision. Must possess a sense of pride and accomplishment with ones work

Keeping the concession stand running on all game and tournament weekends. The concession stand is open one tournament weekend in August, all Saturdays in September and October through mid November. There will be one tournament weekend in December. It will open again for one tournament weekend in February, all Saturdays in March and April through mid May. There will be two tournament weekends in June. Exceptions are made for major holidays.  There may be other working days as needed.

Normal operational hours for league Saturdays in from 9:00 to 5:00 or later. Normal operational hours for a tournament weekend is 8:00 am to 9:00 pm. Even if the concession manager is not physically working during those hours, the concession manager is responsible for the operations during that time.

• Acquiring / searching out volunteers by working with coaches, commissioners, and board members, etc. to fill the schedule. Some paid staff can be authorized if needed.

• Opening the stand ½ hr before the first game by getting things started for volunteers; starting coffee, hot dog machine, etc.

• Taking orders for food and snacks and providing instructions for volunteers on how to do the same.

• Closing the stand at the end of the last game, cleaning the stand, including any cooking machines, at the end of each day; leftover food will be put away, stored or thrown away as needed, Empty Trash.

• Handling day's receipts, i.e., retrieving money from cash drawer. Depositing all money from the week / weekend in the bank.

• Coordinating with the concession committee for any needed items and restocking concession stand prior to next weekends' games.

• Acquiring any required Permits & Inspections.

• Addressing any problems with the City of Cleburne and the Concession Committee.

• Fill out a weekly sales report online


While performing the duties of this position, the employee is frequently required to sit, kneel, stand, stoop, climb, crawl, lift heavy objects, reach and manipulate objects. This position requires mobility. Further, this position will require operating equipment including but not limited to a cash register, credit card terminal, ovens, popcorn machine, crock pot type warmer, hot dog roller grill, other miscellaneous kitchen tools and equipment, and standard office

Work is normally performed in a weather-protected environment. A cooling unit is in place; however it may occasionally become quite warm due to weather and heat generated by kitchen equipment. The employee is required to stand for long periods and operate the machines listed above.