2013-05-09 Announcements

Annual General Meeting

In accordance with our Bylaws, the Cleburne Soccer Association is formally making notice that we will have our Annual General Meeting on May 30, 2013 at the Cleburne Conference Center at 7:00 pm.  

Members of Cleburne Soccer Association will also have the opportunity to nominate and vote for people to serve on the CSA Board of Directors.  Only members of Cleburne Soccer Association may vote in board elections.

2.2.1 Any player and their parents or guardians may become a member of the Association upon submission to and approval by the Board of Directors of the Association of a properly executed application and release form and payment of all fees for registration

2.2.2 Members shall include those persons holding office in the association, volunteers, registered coaches, assistant coaches, managers, referees, all over the age of 18, in good standings, approved Risk Management, whether or not they have children playing in the association.

2.2.3 Each household in which the member(s) reside may have two votes provided the votes are made by two separate adults (voting member must be 18 years or older). No proxy votes allowed.

In summary, members of the Association are:

  • Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Managers that have been assigned to teams and passed a risk management background
  • Referees (18 and over)
  • Parents of players (recreational, academy, or competitive players) that are registered with Cleburne Soccer Association
  • Volunteers, Board Members, and Appointed Officials that have passed a risk management background