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Location Date Time
Spring 2021 recreational registration starts Tuesday, December 22, 2020. The LAST DAY to register for recreational soccer is Friday, January 29, 2021!
Cleburne Conference Center Thursday - 01/23/2020 1:00-5:00 PM
Cleburne Conference Center Friday - 01/29/2021 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

U4 Soccer Starts

U4 Soccer Starts

Soccer StartsAll U4 Players (born in 2017) can participate in our Soccer Starts Program. This unique program teaches the fundamentals of soccer to our youngest players lead by professional coaching staff and assisted by high school age players.

Players will meet on eight different Saturdays at the Cleburne Sports Complex for training sessions and games that are age-appropriate and will teach the player how to play the game and have fun! We encourage scoring lots of goals and each player will get lots of touches on the ball to help them develop.

We will help parents (and future coaches) understand what is going on and how to be a great soccer parent along with things parents can do to help the player develop even further.

What is the U4 Soccer Starts program?

Soccer Starts is an introductory soccer program for (Under-4) three and four year-olds and their families, looking for their first soccer experience. The purpose of the Soccer Starts program is to introduce soccer games and skills to young players and ease these youngsters and their families into the dynamics of recreational soccer as well as organized activities.  Every session is filled with age appropriate soccer activities and games that provide these little players with the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of soccer and have fun in their first experience.

The Soccer Starts program consists of eight, one hour sessions on Saturdays, over the span of a season. Sessions are led by CSA staff coaches and older, experienced players from competitive teams. Sessions usually consist of activities and games, followed by 3v3 (or 4v4) scrimmages, using the "New Ball Method." The "New Ball Method" is the game management system used in games for the U4 age groups.

Each session players are pooled together as training is led by the CSA staff coaches, rather than being placed on teams. This format allows for coaching and training to be passed down from the staff to the parents and onto the players. This method best meets the needs of each individual player.

Our goal is that the U4 Soccer Starts program will be a fun and exciting experience for the players and their families. For most young players, this program will be their first experience with soccer and we want it to be a great one!

How do I register?

U4 (Soccer Starts) registration is done ONLINE through our website or in person in the same format as all our other recreational age groups.

Do I need to order a uniform for my U4 player?

U4 Players will receive a CSA t-shirt with their registration, but will not need a uniform.  They will need black shorts and black soccer socks (not provided) along with shinguards that must be worn to every session.

Will my U4 player have a coach?

There are not set teams/coaches at U4. Although, we will have 3-4 staff coaches each week running the sessions.

Who will be the coaches?

Our U4 Soccer Starts program will utilize well qualified staff coaches throughout the year. 

Kenny is the Director of Coaching for Cleburne Soccer Association and has a Masters Degree in Coaching Education from Ohio University along with many national coaching school licenses and credentials from U.S. Soccer and the National Soccer Coaches Association of America (NSCAA) to include the National Youth License.

Along with CSA's highly qualified staff coaches, they will be assisted by many high school age players that are also referees and/or have attended local or state coaching schools.

Without a doubt, the U4 Soccer Starts Program will have the most qualified coaches of any age group that our association can offer.  This not only helps develop the young player, but will also serve as a mentorship for parents that may want to coach their kids as they move to the U5/U6 program the following soccer year.

Will there be practice during the week?

No. U4 only meets once a week on Saturdays. We will reserve one Saturday each season for a make-up date. On rare occasion, we may need to schedule a make-up session during the week.  A schedule for the season will be published on the website around the same time the other schedules are published.  We will try to make the times consistant from week-to-week however, we have to work around the schedules of our staff coaches and referees.

What do we need to bring to each session?

Every player needs to bring a size 3 soccer ball (provided at the first session). Each player needs to wear shin guards and either soccer cleats, turf shoes or sneakers.  Players should also bring water for hydration as it can get hot and they will be running around most of the time.

What is included in the registration fee?

Your registration fee includes a CSA T-shirt, soccer ball, and a medal (given at the end of the season to each player). Registration fees also cover the costs of the staff coaches, field development, field equipment, insurance, and affiliating with the NTTSA.

How are parents involved in the program?

For many players, this is not only their first time to play soccer, but also the first time for parents to be a soccer parent.  Our coaching staff will teach parents some great tools for keeping the game positive and furthering the development of their player.  Some parents may be interested in becoming coaches and will want to volunteer to coach a team when these kids move to the U5 age group.  

We want parents to watch their kids being trained and a staff coach will help answer any of your questions to help you become one of the best soccer parents you can be.

I heard U4 used to have teams and played formal games. Why the change?

Yes, we used to have formal games at the U4 level.  The problem with that is that some parents (and volunteer coaches) treated these 3 year olds like they were 15 year olds and every game was the World Cup final.  We were losing an alarming number of players each season and the reason given to us was the player no longer wanted to play.  It simply wasn't fun being yelled at for 24 minutes straight.  The way the program was set up puts too much pressure on a 3 year old and invites parents to "lose their mind" in the spirit of competition.

Our Soccer Starts program is not only designed to develop the players and teach them the fundamentals of soccer, but hopefully we can train soccer parents and soccer coaches, as well.  

In a recent study as to why players quit soccer, the top seven reasons are:

1. Criticism and yelling
2. No playing time
3. Over-emphasis on winning
4. Poor communication
5. Fear of making mistakes
6. Boredom
7. Not learning