Competitive Soccer

Competitive (Select) Soccer

The Cleburne Soccer Association accepts local competitive teams that wish to play select soccer and use CSA as their "Home Association" while playing in another league such as Arlington Premier Invitational League, Lake Highlands Girls Classic League, Plano Premier Invitational League, or the Chamber Classic Soccer Alliance. If you are considering making the move from recreational soccer to competitive (select) soccer, then you may want to consider local area clubs first. Many clubs would welcome a new "ready made" team and/or coach.

There are clubs in Cleburne and surrounding areas, as well as all over DFW to choose from. If joining another club is not the best situation for you, then can can start your own competitive team or club.

The rules are very different for competitive teams and each team is responsible for educating themselves on the rules and requirements of competitive play. There is a lot of work before, during, and after the seasons and it would be difficult at best for 1 or 2 people to take on. That being said, we will provide the following information to help get your competitive team registered with the Cleburne Soccer Association and North Texas State Soccer Association.

Team / Club Fact Sheet

This form is mandatory for competitive teams. You are to provide North Texas State Soccer Assocation with a copy of your team fact sheet no later than June 15. It is imperative that all information be accurate. You are to provide a copy to every parent and player that attends your team tryouts. Both player and parent must sign the log sheet acknowledging that they received a copy of the fact sheet. You must give them a copy to take with them, not just show them a copy.

You must provide CSA with a copy of your team fact sheet when you register with us as your home association. 

NTSSA/USYS Membership Form-Competitive Players

This is a part of the player "contract." This form cannot be signed by a player or parent before July 1st. Most teams will add their stipulations to becoming a member of the team/club in a separate "contract". The signing of contracts is permitted on July 1st for all players.

Signing contracts prior to these dates and post-dating the contract is strictly prohibited and is punishable by a severe sanction, which could include suspension for a period of time to be determined by the NTSSA Competitive Committee. If any person asks you to sign a contract before these dates, refuse to do so, and call North Texas State Soccer Association at (972) 323-1323 immediately and report the infraction.

This is a very serious matter and should not be taken lightly or ignored. "Signing a contract" means actually writing your name on the contract. Post-dating the contract is in direct violation of this rule.

The CSA registrar needs the original signed Membership Form for each player, but not any additional "contract" pages a team/club may have their players/parents sign. Make copies of your Membership forms to keep for your records. 

NTSSA Non-Recreational-Competitive Team Registration Roster

The NTSSA Non-Recreational-Competitive Team Registration Roster needs to be completed and turned in to the CSA registrar. List all players' birth names (not nick names). Include e-mail addresses if available. A parent's email address is acceptable. The roster needs to be completely filled out (alphabetical order), signed and dated by coach. You must verify a players age with a Birth Certificate for each player on your roster - Passports and drivers licenses are acceptable for proof of age.

Medical Release Form

Each parent should complete this form for their child. The Team manager keeps these with him/her at all practices and games. CSA does not need a copy of this form, by the playing leagues and tournaments will want to see that you have a copy for every player on your team. This form will need to be notarized.

North Texas Risk Management Form

All coaches, managers, board members, trainers, and official volunteers for your team/club must successfully complete an online background check and be APPROVED. An email will be sent to the coach as soon as you register and it will have the log in for their coach's / manager's account.


Team Fees

The Cleburne Soccer Association charges $25.00 for each player on your roster and $5.00 for each adult on your roster (coach, assistant coach, team manager) for the soccer year. Payments can be made with a team check or in cash. Checks are to be made payable to the Cleburne Soccer Assocation. CSA will not accept payments from individual players/parents - payments must be in full and paid by the team/club. The player fee is due every Fall or as you add players to your roster during the soccer year.

Open Practice (June)

After May 31 (the end of the soccer-playing year for competitive players), players may practice with other teams without any required release or other permission, although formal tryouts may not be held until July 1. Teams/Clubs will need to have an open practice roster of everyone who practiced with the team during this time period.