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Updated: 06/08/15
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Become a Soccer Coach

Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world, so many communities like ours have soccer teams that need coaches. The majority of youth teams rely on volunteers for their coaches.  To volunteer to become a soccer coach for Cleburne Soccer Association, you will have to follow these steps BEFORE we establish the teams for the season.

This applies to ALL Head Coaches & Assistant Coaches & Team Managers

Sign up to coach for the season.  You have to do this every season you want to coach.  We use GotSoccer to process the applications for coaches.  You must have a GotSoccer account.  If you don't have an account, sign up for one.  If you do have one and can't remember your login credentials, contact moc.reccosenrubelc@asc.  If you are ready to apply to coach for the season, CLICK HERE

This applies to ALL Head Coaches & Assistant Coaches & Team Managers

Undergo a Risk Management check.  All volunteers that will instruct our players (managers and coaches) must have a background check. If you completed Risk management (Background Check) in the Fall, you do not need to do this again and can skip this step.

In order to do a background check, log into your GotSoccer account at

  • In the gray bar, click on the link called 'Background Checks'
  • Click on the button called 'Submit New Report'
  • Enter your information and click 'Submit'

It will take a few hours for the report to come back with a result.  If you are approved, we can then put you in the coaching pool for a team.  If you are not approved, we cannot have you as a volunteer.  We are not made aware of why you weren't approved, just that you are not approved by the North Texas State Soccer Association.

This applies to ALL Head Coaches & Assistant Coaches

All coaches need continuing Coaching Education. No matter what level you are coaching at, you will need the knowledge and skills to properly develop players.

At a minimum, coaches MUST take the Fundamentals of Coaching Soccer course online at

The Intermediate Soccer Coaching course is required for all U12-U19 Coaches

This applies to ALL Head Coaches

AFTER YOU HAVE BEEN GIVEN YOUR TEAM - Fill out a team fact sheet. A team fact sheet is needed to give us a little more information about your team such as your team name, uniform colors, age group, assistant coaches, etc... All Head Coaches must fill out a Team Fact Sheet. 

This applies to ALL Head Coaches & Assistant Coaches & Team Managers

Coaches Meeting Information will be available soon!

This applies to ALL Head Coaches

1. Log into your GotSoccer TEAM Account after your roster has been unlocked for you.

2. Call EVERY player on your team and find out their uniform size (Jersey and Shorts). Socks will be sized accordingly and automatically ordered.

3. Go to Uniform Order Form and open it up.

4. Fill in the information for the uniforms you want to order. All players get a new uniform in the Fall.  They must keep this uniform for the Spring.
Contact moc.reccosenrubelc@asc for more details

5. The deadline is AUGUST 16, 2015 to get your uniform order in to ensure delivery by the first game.

6. You may also order and pay for Coach Shirts on this form.


Coach Development is one of our top priorities. Below are opportunities for our Coaches to futher their development through camps and clinics hosted by our association. Aside from these listings, you can check out the links to the right to find even more opportunites.
Fundamentals of Coaching Soccer Coach Education
    Feb 02, 2015 to Feb 02, 2016
Fundamentals of Coaching Soccer is designed to introduce volunteer and youth coaches to the basics of coaching soccer. At the youth level, a coach's role is critical as players rely on them for structure and guidance. Like parents or teachers, coaches can be hugely influential in helping kids learn about themselves, build relationships with others and overcome obstacles. With so... Read More
Intermediate Soccer Coaching Coach Education
    Feb 02, 2015 to Feb 02, 2016
The Intermediate Soccer Coaching course has two objectives.We want to teach a soccer coach on how to run a practice session and what are the components of a good practice session. This will help coaches understand what works and what doesn't. We also want to prepare the soccer coach to take courses at the next level of development and to... Read More
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